(d) pressure and stress
Ans: (a)
6. The S.I. Unit of entropy is :
   (a) Joule/sec
   (b) Joule/kelvin
   (c) J-kelvin
   (d) Joule-sec
Ans: (b)
7. The unit of work is : [RRB T.C. 2005]
   (a) Joule
   (b) Newton
   (c) Watt
   (d) Dyne
Ans: (a)
8. Parsec is the unit of : [UPPCS (Pre) 1997]
   (a) distance
   (b) shining of light
   (c) magnetic force
   (d) time
Ans: (a)
9. Light year is the unit of : [RRBASM/C.C. 2005]
   (a) distance
   (b) time
   (c) intensity of light
   (d) mass
Ans: (a)
10.Which of the following is not the unit of time? [RRB C.C 2003]
   (a) leap year
   (b) lunar month
   (c) light year
   (d) None of these