(b) Jupiter
   (c) Earth
   (d) Mercury
Ans: (b)
411. We cannot see and without the aid of a telescope
   (a) Neptune and Pluto
   (b) Jupiter and Saturn
   (c) Venus and Mars
   (d) Venus and Saturn
Ans: (a)
412. Match the items in Column-A with the descriptions given in Column-B.
Column-A Column-B
A. Asteroid 1. a large cluster of stars and their families distributed in the
universe in an irregular form
B. Comet             2. stars forming a recognisable pattern
C. Meteor     3. solid body from outer space
D. Galaxy 4. a belt of small heavenly bodies rotating round the sun having
their orbit between Mars and Jupiter
E. Constellation     5. a luminous heavenly body with a luminous streaking tail
F. Satellite 6. anybody which moves in a regular orbit around another body of
greater mass
       A      B      C      D      E     F
   (a) 4      5      3      1      2     6
   (b) 1      3      5      2      6     4
   (c) 3      1      6      5      4     2
   (d) 4      1      3      5      2     6
Ans: (a)
413. The first Indian Satellite launched from a Russian Cosmodrome on April
   16, 1975 was named