371. The ozone layer absorbs
   (a) Cosmic rays
   (b) Infrared rays
   (c) All radiations of light
   (d) Ultra violet rays coming from the sun
Ans: (d)
372. Match the following:
   List-I            List-II
   A. Pyrometer              1. An instrument for comparing intensity of light
   B. Manometer 2. An instrument for measuring high temperature
   C. Anemometer             3. An instrument for measuring pressure of a gas
   D. Photometer 4. An instrument for measuring the speed of wind or any
   other moving gas
       A       B     C       D
   (a) 3       2     4       1
   (b) 4       1     3       2
   (c) 2       3     4       1
   (d) 2       1     4       3
Ans: (c)
373. The phenomenon of spontaneous disintegration of certain heavy nuclei is
   (a) radioactivity
   (b) fission
   (c) fusion
   (d) implosion
Ans: (a)
374. Gamma radiations are used for
   (a) sterilising food stuff
   (b) controlling pests
   (c) cancer therapy