366. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
   (a) 1000 km
   (b) 1500 km
   (c) 2000 km
   (d) 500 km
Ans: (c)
367. The heat produced in a conductor due to the passage of a current through
   it is proportional to
   (a) the square of the current
   (b) the resistance of the conductor
   (c) the time for which the current flows
   (d) All the above
Ans: (d)
368. The coil of an electric heater is made of
   (a) Platinum
   (b) Tungsten
   (c) Nichrome
   (d) Copper
Ans: (c)
369. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
   (a) HJ Bhabha
   (b) SS Bhatnagar
   (c) V Sarabhai
   (d) CV Raman
Ans: (c)
370. The largest reserve of radioactive element which can be used in a nuclear
   reactor has been found in India, The name of the element is
   (a) Thorium
   (b) Uranium
   (c) Plutonium
   (d) Radium
Ans: (a)