C. Plutonium           3. electromagnetic radiation
   D. Atomic number       4. helium atom deprived of its electrons
   E. Alpha particle      5. fuel for nuclear reactor
       A      B     C     D      E
   (a) 1      3     4     5      2
   (b) 3      1     5     2      4
   (c) 2      4     1     3      5
   (d) 1      3     5     4      2
Ans: (b)
363. The source of electric energy in an artificial satellite is
   (a) mininuclear reactor
   (b) a dynamo
   (c) a thermopile
   (d) solar cells
Ans: (d)
364. The age of the earth is estimated by
   (a) uranium dating
   (b) radio carbondating
   (c) atomic clocks
   (d) biological clocks
365. The following are the atmospheric zones above the surface of the earth:
   A) Troposphere B) Ionosphere
   C) Stratosphere D) Exosphere
   Select the correct sequence from the earth"s surface on the basis of the codes
given below:
   (a) ACBD
   (b) ABCD
   (c) CABD
   (d) BACD
Ans: (a)