(b) a very low resistance
   (c) no resistance at all
   (d) resistance of 400 ω w
Ans: (b)
290. Which of the following apparatus is used in the electrolysis of water?
   (a) Voltmeter
   (b) Voltameter
   (c) Ammeter
   (d) Potentiometer
Ans: (b)
291. When are temperature resistance
   (a) increases
   (b) decreases
   (c) remains the same
   (d) first increases then decreases
Ans: (a)
292. When the resistance of a circuit increases the current will
   (a) increase
   (b) decrease
   (c) remain the same
   (d) None of the above
Ans: (b)
293. Which of the following can produce electricity?
   (a) resistor
   (b) thermocouple
   (c) light bulb
   (d) neon tube
Ans: (b)
294. You want a supply of a small but constant current. Which of the
   following cells will you prefer?
   (a) Daniell cell
   (b) Leclanche cell