254. During thunder storm you are travelling in a car. To protect yourself from
   the lightning you will have to
   (a) remain in the car
   (b) get out of the car and lie flat in the ground
   (c) abandon the car and take shelter under a nearby tree
   (d) touch the nearest electric pole
Ans: (a)
255. The potential difference between the ends of a resistor can be measured
   by an/a
   (a) ammeter
   (b) rheostat
   (c) transformer
   (d) voltmeter
Ans: (d)
256. At low temperatures approaching zero absolute some substance lose their
   electrical resistances. These substances then become
   (a) semiconductors
   (b) Insulators
   (c) conductors
   (d) superconductors
Ans: (d)
257. Lightning rods are made of
   (a) Porcelain
   (b) Bakelite
   (c) Plaster of Paris
   (d) Metals
Ans: (d)
258. Germanium and silicon are classified as
   (a) semiconductors
   (b) good conductors
   (c) insulators
   (d) superconductors