Ans: (c)
90.The barometer was invented by
   (a) Michael Faraday
   (b) Torricelli
   (c) Thomas Alva Edison
   (d) Benjamin Franklin
Ans: (b)
91.Match the following:
    A. Anemometer          1. Measurement
                               of power
    B. Tachometer          2. Wind speed
    C. Dynamometer 3. Revolutions
                               per minute
    D. Barometer           4. Atmospheric
                           5. Current from
                               a dynamo
       A       B      C      D
   (a) 1       3      5      4
   (b) 2       1      3      4
   (c) 2       3      1      4
   (d) 1       3      5      2
Ans: (c)
92.The unit of heat energy is
   (a) watt
   (b) degree
   (c) joule
   (d) erg
Ans: (c)
93.Solar radiation is preferred to other sources of energy because
   (a) it is practically inexhaustible
   (b) it is the cheapest form of energy