40.On applying a constant force to a mass, It moves with a uniform
   (a) velocity
   (b) momentum
   (c) acceleration
   (d) angular velocity
Ans: (c)
41.When a particle in motion is acted upon by a force in a direction
   perpendicular to the direction of motion, the path followed by the particle
   will be
   (a) a straight line
   (b) an ellipse
   (c) a circle
   (d) a parabola
Ans: (d)
42.When a body Is taken to the poles from the equator, Its weight becomes
   (a) greater
   (b) less
   (c) the same
   (d) None of these
Ans: (a)
43.When a body is projected upwards
   (a) the time for the upward journey and downward journey are the same
   (b) the upward journey takes more time
   (c) the downward journey takes more time
   (d) Can’t be said
Ans: (a)
44.Frictional force acts in
   (a) the same direction as the motion
   (b) the opposite direction of the motion
   (c) all the directions
   (d) upward direction
Ans: (b)