Air Cooler: An apparatus for cooling the air. Here air is blown through water and atmosphere cooled.
Altimeter: An instrument used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes
Ammeter: An instrument used for measuring electric current.
Anemometer: An instrument to measure the speed and pressure of the wind.
Beaufort scale: It is used to measure wind force.
Barograph: An instrument which registers automatically the altitude reached by an aeroplane.
Barometer: An instrument to measure atmospheric conditions and changes.
Callipers : A compass with legs for measuring the inside or outside diameter of bodies.
Calorimeter: An instrument used for measuring quantities of heat.
Carburettor: An apparatus for charging air with petrol vapours in an internal combustion engine.
Cinematograph: An apparatus for projecting pictures on the screen in so rapid a succession that
picture seems to be in motion.
Crescograph: An instrument for recording electrically the response of living matter to various kinds
of stimuli.
Cardiograph: It is a medical instrument for tracing heart movements.
Chronometer: It is a clock to determine longitude of a vessel at sea.
Cyclotron: It is an apparatus for smashing atoms.
Computers: These are data-processing machines, which provide the information according to the
Dictaphone: A trade name for a tape recorder.
Dynamo: A machine used for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Electric Motor: Machine for using electricity as a motive power.
Electrometer: An instrument for measuring electrical potential differences.
Epidiascope: For projecting films as well as images of opaque articles on a screen.
Eudiometer: It is a glass tube for measuring volumes changes in the chemical reactions between
Fathometer: Is an instrument used for measuring depth of the ocean-
Gramophone: A machine for reproducing recorded sound.
Hydrophone: An instrument for measuring the density of liquids with that of water,