1. PHYSICS                                                                              1 - 254
Introduction, Major Branches of Physics, Unit of Measurement, Motion, Work, Energy & Power,
Gravitation, General Properties of Matter, Wave And Wave-Motion, Heat And Temperature, Light,
Electricity, Electronics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Radioactivity (Radioactive Decay), Important Laws
/ Theories And Their Scientist, Some Important Scientific Instruments, Inventions and Discoveries,
Important Physics Formulas
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS                                                               48 - 254
2. CHEMISTRY                                                                            255 - 409
Introduction, Matter, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding & Chemical Reaction, Acids, Bases and Salts,
Classification of Elements, Metals, Nonmetals and Metallurgy, Coal and Petroleum, Fuel and Flames,
Electrochemistry, Air, Water, Soil and Their Pollution, Carbon and Its Compound, Man Made Materials,
Industrial Names of Some Important Compounds
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS                                                               291 - 409
3. BIOLOGY                                                                              410 - 648
Introduction, Fathers of Biology, Characteristics of Living Organisms, The Cell, Biological Evolution,
Classification of Organism, Zoology, Human Body, Systems of Human Body, Human Diseases, Common
Drugs, Diseases of Domestic Animals, Scientific Instruments/Components, Botany, Genetics,
Biotechnology, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Indian Cattle, Binomial Nomenclature of Some Common
Animals, Binomial Nomenclature of Some Common Plants
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS                                                               467 - 648
4. ASTRONOMY                                                                            649 - 679
Introduction, Great Astronomers and Their Contributions, Indian Astronomers, Universe, Solar System,
The Sun, The Planets, The Moon, The Earth, Geographical History of The Earth
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS                                                               665 - 679
5. COMPUTER AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                                  680 - 724
Introduction, Basic Computer Organization, Generations Of Computer, Types of Computer, Personal
Computer, Types of Software, Operating System, Microsoft Office, Internet, Mobile Operating System,
Abbreviations of Computing & It World
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS                                                               692 - 724