System in the Madras Presidency.
Muqqarab Khan An energetic military officer of Aurangzeb, he was
responsible for surprising and capturing Sambhaji at Sangamesvar (1689) and
later executing him.
Naidu, Mrs Sarojini A freedom fighter, poet and orator she presided over
the Kanpur Session of the INC in 1925 and was, this, the first Indian woman
president of the Congress (Mrs Annie Besant being the first woman
president). She was also the first lady to be appointed as state governor (of
UP between 1947–49).
Nana Phadnavis A Maratha Brahmin, he became the guardian and chief
minister of the minor Peshwa, Madhava Rao Narayan, and practically ran the
affairs of the Marathas from 1774 till his death in 1800.
Nehru, Pandit Motilal Father of Jawaharlal and a great patriot, he began
his career as asuccessful lawyer and joined the Congress Party in 1919. He
started a journal, Independent, to support the cause of Indian Nationalism. He
participated in the Non-Cooperation Movement after giving up his lucrative
practice and membership of the Indian legislative assembly. Along with C R
Das, he formed the Swaraj Party in 1922 to carry out the programme of
disruption of legislative work. He became the president of INC twice (1919
Calcutta Session and 1928 Amritsar Session). He was also the chairman of
the committee which submitted are port, known as the Nehru Report (1928),
on the future constitution of India. He passed away in the course of the Civil
Disobedience Movement in 1931.
Nivedita, Sister A famous disciple of Swami Vivekananda, she was an
Irish lady and origi!1ally known as Margaret Noble. Arriving in India at the
invitation of Vivekananda, she devoted herself to social service and
promotion of girl’s education.
Nizam-ud-din Ahmad A famous historian of Akbar’s reign, he wrote
Tabaqat-i-Akbari, an authoritative account of the contemporary period.
Padmini. Rani The queen-consort of Rana Ratan Singh of Mewar, she was
so famous for her beauty that Alauddin Khalji is said to have invaded Chittor
(1303) to take forcible possession of her. Due to the failure of the Rajputs to
defend the fort, she committedjauhar along with other royal ladies.