Child, Sir Josiah Chairman of the Court of Directors of the East India
Company, he wanted to capture some territories in eastern Indian by force,
which resulted in the temporary expulsion of the English from Bengal in
Clavering, Sir John The member of the Governor General’s Council
between 1773 and 1777, he always opposed Warren Hastings along with his
colleague Philip Francis.
Coote, Sir Eyre The British general who scored the decisive victory over
the French in the battle of Wandiwash (1760). He also won the battle of Porto
Novo (1781) against Haidar Ali. But later in another battle with Haidar at
Palilur, he lost one of his legs.
Cotton, Sir Arthur Thomas The famous English engineer, who built
irrigation works on the Kaveri, Krishna and Godavari rivers and improved
the irrigation system in south India in general. He was the author of Public
Works in India, a comprehensive book on the subject.
Cotton, Sir Henry An English ICS officer, he occupied several important
positions before his retirement in 1902. A leading champion of Indian
Nationalism, he became the president of the 20th Session of the INC held in
Bombay in 1904.
Cunningham, Sir Alexander An engineer by profession, he served in
various capacities in engineering department till 1861 after which he became
the first archaeological surveyor to the government of India and later the
director of that department (1870–85). His contribution to Indian archaeology
has greatly promoted our knowledge of ancient Indian history, and his works
(The Ancient Geography of India. Corpus Inscriptionum Indicanum. the
Stupa of Bharhut, etc.) still continue to be of great value.
Dadu Dayal Aprominent Nirguna saint of Medieval India, he was the son
of a cotton-carder of Ahmadabad but lived mostly in Rajasthan during the
reign of Shah Jahan. He composed a number of poems which promoted
Hindu-Muslim unity. Hid followers came to be known as the Dadupanthis.
Dahir Son of Chach, he was the ruler of Sind at the time of the Arab
conquest. Though he repulsed the first two Arab attacks, he was defeated and
killed in the battle of Raor by