greatly influenced Bentinck’s educational and social policies.
Chait Singh The Raja of Benaras who was harassed by Warren Hastings
for more tributes and contributions till the demands became too heavy for
him to comply. Ultimately Hastings confiscated his kingdom, while the Raja
escaped to Gwalior. Later this episode was one of the serious charges against
Hastings in his impeachment proceedings.
Champat Rai The Bundela chief who rebelled against Aurangzeb. He
committed suicide to escape capture by the Mughals. His son, Chhatrasal,
however, carried on the fight against Aurangzeb.
Chamunda Raya A minister of the Western Gangas of Mysore, he built
the famous statue of Gomatesvara or Bahubali (56.5 feet in height), a Jaina
monk, on the top of a hill at Sravana Belgola in ad 982.
Chand Bardai The court poet of Prithviraj Cauhan of Ajmer, he was the
author of Prithviraj Rasa (also calIed Chand Raisa) which dealt with his
patron’s marriage with Samyukta, his life and achievements. Chand Bibi: The
daughter of Hussain Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar and wife of Ali Adil Shah
of Bijapur, she acquired fame for her defense of Ahmadnagar against Akbar.
Charaka The celebrated physician of Kanishka’s period, he was the author
of Charaka Samhita, a book oil pathology and medicine.
Charnock, Job One of the early English traders in India, he laid the
foundation of Calcutta in 1690.
Charvaka Founder of the earliest materialistic philosophy in India, the
Lohayata School, he denied the existence of an imperishable soul, rejected
the doctrine of rebirth and asked men to be happy in this life, for the body
once cremated can never be formed again.
Charumati One of the daughters of Asoka, she became a Buddhist nun,
accompanied her father on his visit to Nepal and remained there after her
father’s departure.
Chhatrasal Son of Champati Rai Bundela, he revolted against Aurangzeb
and founded an independent kingdom in eastern Malwa with his capital at
Panna in 1671. Later he was taken into Mughal service by Bahadur Shah I.
Child, Sir John President of the English factory at Surat, he defied