17th century and wrote Satsai.
Bilhana The court poet of Vikramaditya VI (1076–1127), the Chalukya
ruler of Kalyan, he was the author of Vikramankacharita.
Bir Narayan The minor ruler of Garhkatanga whose mother, Rani
Durgavati, died fighting along with him in trying to defend their kingdom
against Akbar.
Bir Singh Bundela He was the Bundela chief who murdered Abul Fazl at
the instigation of Prince Salim (Jahangir). He built the famous Kesava Deva
Temple at Mathura at a cost of Rs 33 lakh.
Birbal, Raja A Rajput chief in the employment of Akbar, he was the
favourite of the emperor who honoured him with titles of ‘Raja’ and ‘Kavi
Priya’ (for his Hindi poetry). He lost his life in 1586 while campaigning
against the Yusufzai tribe in the north-western India.
Bird, R M A British revenue officer in charge of md revenue settlement of
the North-West rovinces, he took ten years (1830–40) to complete le work
which came to be known as the Mahalwari ystem.
Brydon, Dr A British army surgeon, he was the nly survivor of the
regiment that fought the first .fghan War (1839–42).
Bussy, Marquis De A prominent French general nder Dupleix, he acted as
the military adviser of alabat Jang (Nizam of Hyderabad) for seven years
1751–58). With his recall from Hyderabad by Count de Lally (who
succeeded Dupleix), the French influence in the Nizam’s court was
Butler, Sir Harcourt First a member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council
and then the governor of the United Provinces and of Burma, he was
appointed the chairman of the Indian States Committee (1927) set up to
inquire into the relationship between the British government and the Indian
states and to suggest measures for improvement. The committee submitted its
report in 1929.
Carey, William A Baptist missionary of the early 19th century, he
propagated Christianity in Bengal, promoted Bengali prose by publishing a
number of books and by helping in the publication of two Bengali journals