Inam      Revenue-free land or some gift from a person in authority
          to someone for a service.
Iqta      Unit of land whose revenues were assigned to government
          officials in lieu of their salaries in the Delhi Sultanate.
Jagir     Mughal equivalent to the iqta of the Delhi Sultans.
Jama      Total land revenue levied or expected from an estate or
Jamabandi Settlement of the amount of revenue assessed upon an
          estate or village or district.
Kharkhana Royal factory where different types of goods were
          manufactured for the royal court and the army under the
          Delhi Sultans and Mughals.
Kaulnama  Written voucher granted to revenue payers specifying the
          terms of their payments and the amounts. Crown-land or
          land held and managed directly by the state.
Madad-i-  Land whose revenues were assigned by the state to
Maash     religious and learned persons or religious and benevolent
Malikana  Special allowance assigned to the zamindar by the state
          out of the land revenue because of his superior right over
          the 1and.
Mandi     Wholesale market.
Manotidar A banker or moneylender who provided guarantee or
          stood security to the intermediary revenue collector after
          receiving a premium (manoti) for that purpose from the
Milki     Proprietorship or ownership especially in land.
Mohur     Gold coin.
Maufi     Revenue-free holdings.
Nazrana   Gift usually from inferior to superior; forced contribution.
Mukarari  Tenure at fixed rates or rent or revenue.