Dalal     Broker or middleman in commercial transactions.
Goldar    Wholesale· merchant owning a warehouse (gola).
Mahajan   Wholesale merchant or big banker in eastern, northern and
          western India.
Marwari   Native of Marwar in Rajasthan who followed the business
          of banker, merchant or broker.
Paikar    Merchant’s agent concerned with buying goods from
          artisans in eastern India.
Sahukar   Banker and moneylender in western India.
Saudagar  Big merchant involved in long distance trade in eastern
Seth      Banker and moneylender in eastern, western and northern
Sarraf    A professional banker who provided specialised service as
          supplier of credit through the hundis.
Aurang      Depot for manufactured goods or localised manufacturing
Bhaichara   Brotherhood holding lands or certain rights and privileges
            as common property.
Bhiga       Measure of land area, varying widely but never more than
            an acre.
Chowki      Customs outpost.
Cowries     Conch shells used as a medium of exchange.
Daroga      Head of police, customs or excise outpost.
Diwani      Right to collect revenue of a province.
Farman      Royal order or decree
Ganj        Mart or trade centre or market.
Hasil       Land revenue actually     collected or realised from an estate