Hali     or Bonded agricultural labourer of western India.
Kamiya      Bonded agricultural labourer of eastern India.
Manamdar    Holder of land tenure under the zamindars (jenmis) in
            Kerala. During the term of the tenure (usually 12 years)
            the kanamdar paid the jenmi a lower rent than other
            tenants. At the beginning of the tennhe paid the jenmi a
            lump sum (the kanam) and the rent he had to pay was
            accordingly reduced. The kanamdar either cultivated the
            land himself or let them out to other tenants such as
Khudkasht   A peasant who was a permanent resident of the village
            and had ownership rights of his lands and implements and
            paid land revenue to the state directly in Mughal India. In
            Maharashtra he was called mirasdar (holder of miras
            lands), and in Rajasthan as gharuhala or gaveti.
Korfa       A tenant with certain customary rights in his land in
            eastern India.
Muzarian    Share-cropper in Mughal India.
Nattar      A person belonging to the local ruling class and
            dominating local land and people in Tamil Nadu.
Pahi        A peasant who was basically an ‘outsider’ but cultivated
            the rented lands in a village either while staying in the
            neighbouring village or by staying in the same village in
            Mughal India. In Maharashtra he was known as upari.
Patnidar    Holder of a patni or undertenure in a zamindari in some
            parts of eastern India (e.g. Burdwan dist.).
Cartaze     A system in which every Indian ship sailing to a
System      destination not reserved by the Portugese for their own