Amil        Common name for revenue collectors during the medieval
            period and early British period.
Desai or    He was the Principal hereditary
Deshmukh    revenue officer of a district (sarkar) or subdistrict
            (pargana) in Western India and Deccan.
Deshpande   Hereditary accountant of revenue collection at the district
            or subdistrict level in western India and Deccan.
Ijaradar    Revenue farmer of eastern India.
Iqtadar     Holder of an iqta under the Delhi sultans. Also known as
Jagirdar    Holder of a Jagir under the Mughals.
Kulkarni    Village accountant in western India and Deccan.
Malguzar    Holder of malguzari, that is, a revenue engagement right,
            in northern and central India under the British.
Mamlatdar   Non-hereditary revenue official incharge of a district or a
            subdistrict in western India and Deccan under the
Muqaddam    Village headman in north India, also called khat.
Palegar or  Petty chieftan or zamindar who
Poligar     enjoyed hereditary right of revenue collection in south
Patel    or Village headman in western India and Deccan.
Patwari     Village accountant in norther and central India.
Thikadar    Holder oa a thika, that is, a lease or sub-lease of land from
            a big zamindar in eastern India during the British rule.
Abwab          Miscellaneous cesses and imposts levied by zamindars
               and public officials.