northern Bihar.
Reason (R): Uttar Pradesh and Bihar had the maximum concentration of
British troops before the outbreak of the Revolt.
Assertion (A): Gandhi started an All-India Anti-Untouchability League in
1932 to fight again untouchability.
Reason (R): He also started Young India, a new: paper in 1933, to campaign
against untouchbility.
Assertion (A): The ‘August Offer’ of Linlithgow pre posed to give ‘Dominion
Status’ to India immediately.’
Reason (R): The Congress rejected the offer, and Gandhi Started his
programme of individuals satyagraha, with Vinoba Bhave as the first
satyagrahi and Nehru as the second.
Assertion (A): Subhas Chandra Bose defeated Pattabhi Sitaramayya in his re-
election as president of the Congress at the Tripura session on 1939.
Reason (R): Sitaramayya’s candidature in this election was supported by
     1. (c)     2. (b)      3. (c)        4. (a)         5. (b)  6. (b)  7. (d)
     8. (c)      9. (c)    10. (a)      11. (b)         12. (c) 13. (b) 14. (c)
   15. (a)     16. (d)     17. (c)      18. (b)         19. (a) 20. (c) 21. (d)
   22. (c)     23. (c)     24. (a)      25. (c)         26. (a) 27. (b) 28. (d)
   29. (c)     30. (c)     31. (c)      32. (a)         33. (a) 34. (b) 35. (d)