Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
(a) only ii
(b) only iii
(c) ii and iv
(d) iii and iv
Who among the following capitalists served as a AICC treasurer for many
years and went to jail in 1930?
(a) G D Birla
(b) Jamanlal Bajaj
(c) J R D Tata
(d) Walchand Hirachand
Which of the following novels were written by Premchand?
(i) Premashram
(ii) Char Adhyay
(iii) Rangbhumi
(iv) Godan
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) i, ii and iv
(b) i and iv
(c) i, iii and iv
(d) ii and iii
Who made the ‘Deepavali Declaration’ and when?
(a) Lord Irwin in 1929
(b) Lord Linlithgow in 1940
(c) Gandhi in 1930
(d) Subhas Bose in 1941
Who said: ‘The Muslims were fools to ask for safeguards, and the Hindus
were greater fools to refuse them’?
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) Abul Kalam Azad
(c) Muhammad Ali
(d) Subhas Bose
Who said: ‘This orderly disciplined anarchy should go, and if as a result there
is complete lawlessness I would   risk it?