A bill was rushed through the British Parliament in the short span of 12 days
(4–16 July) and received Royal assent on July 18 to become an act. The Act
fixed August 15, 1947 as the date for setting up the two Dominions. It
specified the territorial division of India and the constitution of two provinces
each in the Punjab and Bengal. It provided for a separate governor-general
for each Dominion and a legislature each.
                                Congress Sessions
  Year Venue             President           Remark
  1885 Bombay            W C Bonnerji        Attended by 72 delegates
  1886 Calcutta          Dadabhai            Number of delegates increase to
                         Naoroji             436
  1887 Madras            Syed Badruddin First Muslim president
  1888 Allahabad         George Yule         First English president
  1889 Bombay            Sir William         Number of delegates rose to
                         Wedderburn          1889
  1890 Calcutta          Sir Pherozeshah
  1891 Nagpur            Anandacharlu
  1892 Allahabad         W C Bonnerji
  1893 Lahore            Dadabhai
  1894 Madras            A Webb
  1895 Poona             Surendranath
  1896 Calcutta          M Rahimtullah
  1897 Amraoti           C Sankaran Nair
  1898 Madras            Anandamohan
  1899 Lucknow           Romesh