After the failure of the Gandhi-Jinnah     talks based on the C R Formula, Lord
Indian political parties and interest groups at Simla in 1945 to discuss it.
    His plan proposed to leave the executive council completely in charge of
the Indians, excepting the commander-in-chief, and to give equal
representation to the Muslims and Hindus in the council. This was to be an
interim arrangement till a new constitution was drafted for India.
    But the plan as well as the conference ended in failure due to the
unreasonable attitude of the Muslim League, headed by Jinnah. He wanted
that the League alone should choose the Muslim members of the Executive
Council, which was, however, not acceptable to the Congress.
Cabinet Mission Plan (1946)
In the 1945 general elections of England, the Conservatives under Churchill
were routed by the Labour Party under C.R. Attlee who took over as the new
prime minister. Soon after Lord Wavell was summoned to London and
informed that Britain had made up its mind to quit India.
    Later, in the same year (1945–46) elections were held in India also to the
provincial assemblies and the legislative assembly at the centre. In these
general elections, the Congress won 57 seats in the Central Legislative
Assembly. The Muslim League captured all the 30 seats reserved for
Muslims. In the provinces, while in 1937 the Congress had 714 seats, in 1946
it won 923. The League did even better: in 1937, its representatives
numbered a bare 109 out of the Muslim quota of 492; in 1946, it won 425
seats·, its percentage going up to eighty-six.
    On March 24, 1946, a special mission of cabinet ministers consisting of
Lord Pethick-Lawrences, Sir Stafford Cripps and A.V. Alexander came to
India to help her to achieve freedom as speedily as possible. The mission
spent nearly five weeks in discussions with the representatives of the Indian
States as well as those of British India. Finally, a conference of leaders of the
Congress and League was begun at Simla on May 5 to consider the grouping
of provinces; character of the federal union; and the setting up of a
constitution-making machinery.
    When the Congress and League differences were found to be
irreconcilable, the conference was closed. On May 16 the mission published a
statement putting forward their recommendations, which came to be known