The talks began on September 9, 1944 in Bombay, and continued up to
September 27, when Jinnah announced their termination and failure to reach
agreement. Gandhi maintained that since the ‘C R Formula’, conceded the
substance of the Muslim League demand, he wanted the League to renounce
its Lahore Resolution which, in his opinion, was based on the two-nation
theory. But Jinnah argued that Gandhi should accept this premise and
recognise that Hindus and Muslims were two independent nations.
                               Gandhi with Jinnah
Desai–Liaqat Pact (1945)
Talks between Bhulabhai Jivanji Desai and Liaqat Ali Khan, leaders of the
Congress and the League respectively, were meant to find a way out of the
1942–45 political impasse. After Desai’s declaration at Peshawar on April
22, 1945, Liaqat Ali published the gist of the agreement. According to it, the
Congress and the League would form the interim government at the centre on
the following lines: (i) nomination of equal number of persons by both in the
central executive; and (ii) representation of the minorities, in particular of the
scheduled castes and the Sikhs.
    Known as the Desai-Liaqat pact, it was never formally endorsed either by
the Congress or the League.
Wavell Plan and Simla Conference (1945)