(b) ii and iv
(c) ii and iii
(d) iv and v
Which of the following clauses was/were not included in the Gandhi-Irwin
(i) Withdrawing all ordinances and ending prosecutions
(ii) Release of all kinds of political prisoners
(iii) Restoration of the confiscated property of the satyagrahis
(iv) Permitting peaceful picketing of liqour, opium and foreign cloth shops
(v) Permitting all the Indians to collect or manufacture salt, free of duty.
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) only ii
(b) i and ii
(c) ii and v
(d) only i
The Civil Disobedience Movement was an advance over the Non-
Cooperative Movement in many respects, except a few. Which are those
(i) Stated objective
(ii) Methods adopted
(iii) Participation of women and teenagers
(iv) Hindu-Muslim unity
(v) Response from business groups
(vi) Participation of labourers
Select the correct answers from the codes given below:
(a) iii, iv and vi
(b) iv and vi
(c) iv and v
(d) iii and v
Which of the following were the causes for the Quit India Movement or the
Revolt of 1942?
(i) The popular mood of August 1942, caused by the rout of the British by an
Asian power (Japan) in South-East Asia
(ii) The condemnable behaviour of most of the foreign troops stationed in