congress by the end of June 1921.
(iii) At the Karachi Khilafat Conference in July 1921 the Ali brothers called
on the Muslims to resign from the army, and hence they were jailed by the
British in November 1921.
(iv) Some Khilafat members like Hasrat Mohani began demanding complete
independence by the end of 1921.
(v) The Jamia Millia Islamia was started in Delhi in 1921.
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) only iv
(b) iii and iv
(c) only v
(d) iv and v
Gandhi sent an eleven point ultimatum to Lord Irwin before starting the Civil
Disobedience Movement. Which of the following was/were not included in it
(i) Fifty per cent reduction in land revenue, and abolition of the salt tax and
government salt monopoly;
(ii) Lowering of the rupee-sterling exchange ratio, giving textile protection,
and reservation of coastal shipping for Indians;
(iii) Fifty per cent cut in military expenditure and expenditure on civil
(iv) Prohibition of cow slaughter;
(v) Release of all political prisoners and change in the Anns Act.
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) only ii
(b) ii and v
(c) iv and v
(d) only iv
Who among the following played an important role in the signing of the
Gandhi-Irwin Pact?
(i) Motilal Nehru
(ii) Tej Bahadur Sapru
(iii) Madanmohan Malaviya
(iv) Jayakar
(v) Chintamani