(b) i-C, ii-A, iii-B, iv-D,
(c) i-B, ii-A, iii-D, iv-C,
(d) i-D, ii-B, iii-A, iv-C,
Which code gives the pairing of the following lists?
         List I                          List II
      (i) Indian Sociologist         (A) Virendranath Chattopadhyay
      (ii) Bande Mataram             (B) Taraknath Das
      (iii) Talvar                   (C) Shyamji Krishna Varma
      (iv) Free Hindustan            (D) Madame Cama
      (v) Ghadar                     (E) Sohan Singh Bhakna
(a) i-B, ii-A, iii-E, iv-C, v-D
(b) i-C, ii-D, iii-A, iv-B, v-E
(c) i-A, ii-C, iii-D, iv-B, v-E
(d) i-D, ii-B, iii-A, iv-C, v-E
Which one of the following is correctly matched?
(a) Chapekar brothers—Day
(b) Madanlal Dhingra—Rand and Lt Ayerst
(c) Gopinath Saha—Curzon Wyllie
(d) Bhagat Singh—Saunders
Match List I with List II and select the answer using the codes given below
the lists.
         List I                                              List II
      (i) Martyrdom in jail while on a hunger strike       (A) Chandrashekhar
      (ii) Arrest and execution by the British             (B) Jatin Mukherji
      (iii) Death in a shooting encounter with police in a (C) Jatin Das
      public park
      (iv) Arrest and transportation for life              (D) Bhagat Singh
      (v) Death in Balasore while fighting with the        (E) Sachin Sanyal
(a) i-B, ii-E, iii-C, iv-D,
(b) i-D, ii-E, iii-A, iv-B,