extremist nationalism in its intense metaphysical and religious form.
Reason (R): Nationalism, to him, was not a mere political programme, but a
religion that had come from God.
Assertion (A): Bipinchandra Pal was a moderate till 1904.
Reason (R): Bipinchandra Pal along with Ajit Singh, was deported by the
British in 1907 for his extremist views.
Who was the author of Pather Dabi, a novel which glorified the path of
violent revolution and which was banned by the British Government?
(a) Premchand
(b) Saratchandra Chatterji
(c) Bankimchandra Chatterji
(d) Ajay Ghosh
Who was the founder of the secret society, Abhinava Bharat?
(a) Naren Bhattacharji
(b) Jatin Mukherji
(c) Ganesh Savarker
(d) Damodar Chapekar
Who was the revolutionary terrorist who ended his days as a Ramakrishna
Mission Swami?
(a) Aurobindo Ghosh
(b) Hemachandra Kanungo
(c) Ajit Singh
(d) Jatindranath Bandopadhyay
Which one of the following newspapers/journals was from Maharashtra?
(a) Kranti
(c) Sarathi
Which of the following newspapers/journals was not from Bengal?
(a) Yugantar
(c) Bandi Jivan