•  Seizure of the Chittagong armoury by revolutionaries under Surya
        Sen in 1930, and the issuing of an independence proclamation in the
        name of the Indian Republican Army.
     •  Martyrdom of Jatin Das who died in jail on the 64th day of a hunger
        strike in 1929 for improvement in the status of political prisoners.
     •  Execution of Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev and Raj Guru by the British on
        March 23, 1931.
     •  Death of Chandrasekhar Azad in 1931 in a shooting encounter with
        the police in a public park at Allahabad.
     •  Arrest of Surya Sen in 1933 and his execution soon after.
     •  Jatindranath Balldopadhyay ended his days as a Ramakrishna Mission
Irigin and Objectives The origin of the Swaraj Party can be traced to the
Gaya session of the Congress in December 1922, when some leading
members including C.R. Das, Motilal Nehru, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Ali
Brothers and others, declared that the Non-cooperation Movement had been a
failure. They proposed an alternative programme of diverting the movement
to a restricted one which would encourage Congress members to enter the
legislative councils established under the Montford Reforms of 1919 and to
use moral pressure to compel the British concede the Indian demand for self-
government. But a large and powerful section under C. Rajagopalachari,
however, opposed any diversion from Gandhi’s known objectives and
programmes. The former group was known as the ‘pro-changers’, while the
latter was referred to as the ‘no-changers’.
     On January I, 1923 C.R. Das formally announced the formation of the
new party within the Congress. Its aims were identical to those of the
Congress, namely, the achievement of self-government; yet the methods to be
employed were to be different. First of all, they wanted to prevent all
regressive legislation as well as that which was inimical to national interests
and retarded the country’s progress towards the attainment of its goal.
Secondly, they also planned to      ensure that the constitution finally adopted