• They provided relief to the agriculturists from indebtedness.
    • Efforts were made to abolish the evil of drinking and to benefit the
        farmers by passing tenancy laws.
    • The political prisoners were released and their properties restored.
Other Beneficial Results The working of Provincial Autonomy yielded
beneficial results in other ways too.
    • It served as a good training ground in public administration.
    • The ministers gained confidence to shoulder the responsibilities of a
        similar nature after independence.
    • The short period of Congress rule gave a taste of self-government to
        the people whose desire for full independence became stronger day by
        day in the succeeding years.
                         Mahatma Gandhi with Gurudev
August 8, 1940 Offer
The outbreak of World War II and India’s automatic involvement in it
without consultation by England made the Congress to demand a clear-cut
definition of the British government’s war and peace aims as applicable to
    In July 1940 the Congress formally asked England to affirm its adherence