• Acting in his discretion, he could summon or prorogue either house or
             dissolve the Assembly at his discretion.
         • He was to prohibit discussion on certain matters and had the right to
             address or send messages to the two houses.
         • He could give his assent to a bill passed by the legislature, withhold it,
             return it for reconsideration or reserve it for His Majesty’s pleasure.
         • He could issue ordinances when the legislature was not in session.
             And on subjects within his purview, he could do the same even when
             the legislature was in session.
         • Finally, he could enact permanent laws in the form of Governor
             General’s Acts on subjects which were his special responsibility.
    Subjects under Governor General’s Purview A large number of subjects
    fell within the purview of the Governor General’s individual judgement.
    These included:
    prevention of any grave menace to the peace and tranquillity of India or part
    safeguarding the financial stability and credit of federal government;
    safeguarding legitimate interests of minorities;
    securing of legal and equitable rights and safeguarding of legitimate interests
    of members of the public services;
    prevention of discrimination by executive action against British subjects
    domiciled in the UK and companies incorporated in that country;
    prevention of executive action which would subject goods from UK or those
    of British origin imported into India to discriminatory or penal treatment;
(vii)protection of rights of any Indian State or its ruler;
(viii)securing of due discharge of functions with regard to which he was required
    to act in his discretion or exercise his individual judgement.
    Limitations of Legislature Apparently, the federal legislature enjoyed its
    role only by courtesy. For both in the legislative and financial fields, its hands
    were practically tied and powers restricted. Thus, it had no powers of
    initiative in raising revenues and exercised little control over items charged
    on the revenues of the federation.