than those of the latter (involving only non-
        the latter. For the government adopted a policy of ruthless repression
        from the very beginning in the case of the former movement.
    • The participation of women, business groups and peasantry was much
        greater in the former than in the latter.
    • The former resulted in the Congress becoming organisationally much
        stronger than the latter.
    However, the Civil Disobedience movement was a retrograde step in
comparison to the Non-cooperation movement in certain other aspects:
    • The former was not marked by the same Hindu-Muslim unity as was
        the latter. This was evident from the low Muslim participation in the
        Civil Disobedience movement.
    • The participation of the labour in the former was insignificant when
        compared to the latter.
                                    Dandi March
Round Table Conference
The Indian Round Table Conference held three session which are sometimes
referred to, albeit erroneously, as the First, Second and Third Round Table
First Session (November 12, 1930       to January 19, 1931)