List I                        List II
       (a) Bangaduta                 1. First paper from Bombay
       (b) Madras Courier            2. First paper from Madras
       (c) Bombay Herald             3. A weekly paper in four languages
       (d) Bombay Samachar           4. First paper in Gujarat
                                     5. First paper from Bengal
(a) a-5, b-2, c-4, d-1
(b) a-3, b-2, c-1, d-4
(c) a-4, b-2,c-1, d-3
(d) a-3,b-2,c-1,d-5
Consider List I and List II:
          List I                                          List II
       (i) Hindu Patriot Ghosh (1853)                   Girishchandra
       (ii) Rast Goftar (1851)                          Dadabhai Naoroji
       (iii) Akhbar-o-Saudagar (1852)                   Dabadhi Kavasji
       (iv) Indian Mirror (1862)                        Devendranath Tagore
Which of the above are correctly matched? Select the answer from the codes
given below:
(a) All of them
(b) i, ii and iii
(c) ii, iii, and iv
(d) i, iii and iv
Which of the following are correctly paired?
(i) Statesman (1875)—Oevendranath Tagore
(ii) National Paper (1865)—Robert Knight
(iii) Tribune (1862)—Oayal Singh Majeetia
(iv) Bengalee (1881)—Girish Chandra Ghosh
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) i and ii
(b) ii and iii
(iii) iii and iv
(iv) i and iv