Curzon partitioned Bengal, ostensibly for administrative convenience, but
in reality for curbing the growing nationalism. Consequently the Indians put
lip passive resistance in the form of the Swadeshi movement. Curzon thus
sought to stifle nationalism with bureaucracy. In fact in his single mindedness
he aided rather than deterred the forces undermining the British position in
Main Objective of Extremists
It was the attainment of swaraj which meant to them complete autonomy or
independence and not just selfgovernment as in the colonies of Australia,
New Zealand, etc. (aim of the moderates), and which has to be as soon as
possible and not through gradual stages.
Methods of the Extremist
The methods used by the extremists were:
    • Passive resistance, i.e. non-cooperating with the British government
        by boycotting government service, courts, schools and colleges.
    • Promotion of swadeshi and boycott of foreign goods.
    • Building up a new nation through the introduction and promotion of
        national education.
    A very significant role was played by the following extremist leaders.
The “Lal-Bal-Pal” Trio