GK Gokhale
                                   SN Banerji
Main Demands of Moderates The main demands of the moderates were:
    • Expansion and reform of the legislative councils, leading to popular
        control of administration.
    • Greater opportunities for Indians in the public services by holding
        ICS examinations simultaneously in England and India.
    • Reimposition of import duties on cotton goods.
    • Reduction of military expenditure.
    • Spread of technical and general education.
    • Separation of the judiciary from the executive.
    • Grant of self-government to India within the British Empire as in the
        colonies of Australia, Canada, etc. (1905).
Methods of Moderates
The methods of the Moderates can best be described as ‘Constitutional
agitation’. They confined themselves to meetings, speeches, resolutions and
petitions. On rare occasions only,     they resorted to the boycott of foreign