Changing Nature of Congress under Moderates
At first the Congress passed resolutions criticising some of the actions and
policies of the British government and demanding reforms. In criticising the
government’s policies, the Congress used dignified and moderate language.
Every year it passed resolutions expressing loyalty to the British Crown. The
attitude of the British government towards the Congress was also favourable
in the beginning, but soon the government regarded the Congress as
representing only a small minority. Due to this change in the attitude of ‘the
British, changes also started appearing in the demands as well as in the
methods of agitation of the Congress by the close of 19th century. And by the
beginning of the 20th century, the moderate nationalists put forward the claim
of self-government within the British empire as in the colonies of Australia,
New Zealand and Canada. This demand was first made from the Congress
platform by Gokhale in 1905 and then by Dadabhai Naoroji in 1906.
Important Moderates
The important moderate leaders were Dadabhai Naoroji, M.G. Ranade,
Surendranath Banerji, Pherozeshah Mehta, Badruddin Tyabji, Gopala
Krishna Gokhale, Dinsha Wacha, Anandamohan Bose, Rashbehari Ghosh,
and others.
                                 MG Ranade