some radical elements to improve the lot of the lower castes by attacking
Brahmin domination and at times by challenging the very basis of the caste
Reason (R): The movements of the Nadars, Pallis, Ezhavas and Nairs were
mainly due to the social desire of these castes to move upward in the ladder
through the process of sanskritisation.
Who was the first President of the Andhra Provincial Ryots Association
founded in 1928?
(a) B V Ratnam
(b) N G Ranga
(c) Dr Pattabi Sitaramaiah
(d) T Prakasam
When and where was the South Indian Federation of Peasants and
Agricultural Labour founded?
(a) 1930—Guntur
(b) 1933—Vijayawada
(c) 1935—Madras
(d) 1938—Madras
When and where was the All-India Kisan Sabha formed?
(a) 1935—Bombay
(b) 1942—Kanpur
(c) 1938—Calcutta
(d) 1936—Lucknow
Who presided over the first session of the All India Kisan Sabha?
(a) Swami Sahajanand
(b) N G Ranga
(c) Indulal Yajnik
(d) PC Joshi
Which day is celebrated as the All-India Kisan Day?
(a) first April
(b) first September
(c) first November
(d) first December
The minimum charter of demands,         mentioned in the Kisan Manifesto of