industries and handicrafts in India.
Who was the famous Urdu poet who witnessed the massacre of male civilians
of Delhi by the British soldiers after it was recaptured?
(a) Firaq Gorakhpuri
(b) Josh Malihabadi
(c) Mirza Ghalib
(d) Mir Babar Ali Anis
Who was the British general who esteemed Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi as ‘the
best and bravest military leader of the rebels’?
(a) Sir Colin Campbell
(b) Major General Havelock
(c) Sir James Outram
(d) Sir Hugh Rose
Who wrote the following passage? ‘In no instance is a friendly glance
directed to the white man’s carriage ... Oh? that language of the eye! Who
can doubt? Who can misinterpret it?’
(a) G B Malleson
(b) J W Kaye
(c) W H Russell
(d) T R Holmes
Match the following lists of books with their authors and select the answer
from the codes given below the lists:
      Books                                               Authors
      (i) History of Indian Mutiny                        (A) G B
      (ii) A History of the Sepoy War in India            (B) Sir J W Kaye
      (iii) Indian Mutiny of 1857                         (C) S N Sen
      (iv) The sepoy Revolt, its Causes and its           (D) H Mead
      (v) Eighteen Fifty Seven                            (E) T R Holmes
(a) i-E, ii-B, iii-A, iv-D, v-C
(b) i-B, ii-A, iii-D, iv-C, v-E
(c) i-A, ii-D, iii-C, iv-E, v-B