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                     SREE NARAYANA GURU
                              Narayana Guru
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He was born to a farmer in 1856 AD in the village of Chempazhanthi near
Trivandrum. His parents endearingly called him ‘Nanu’. At the age of
five, he began his education in the neighboring school in the old
“Gurukula” model. After his elementary education in this school, he
became the disciple of a Sanskrit scholar Raman Pillai Asan of
Puthuppally Varanappally family in Central Travancore. He learned
poetry, drama, logic, poetics and grammar from Kummampally Asan. In
1881 he returned from Varanappally and started teaching children for
some time. From that time the people respectfully called him Nanu Asan.
Personal Life: Nanu began his career as an itinerant sanyasin. He became
a "Parivrajaka" (one who wanders from place to place in quest of Truth).
Initially he stayed for a short while in the house of Perunnalli Krishnan
Vaidyar, a renowned scholar and physician of Travancore, and studied
some rare medical books written by him. It is believed that he first met the
Chattampi Swami here. Their meeting proved to be the beginning of a
intimate friendship. In 1884 Nanu   met Thykkattu Ayyavu, a distinguished