Bahadur Shah Zafar
Delhi Its recapture by General John Nicholson in September, 1857
(Nicholson died soon due to a mortal wound received during the fighting);
murder of the Mughal Emperor’s sons and a grand son by Lt. Hodson; arrest
and deportation of Bahadur Shah II to Rangoon.
Kanpur Its defense by Sir Hugh Wheeler against Nana"s forces till 26th
June 1857 and surrender of the British on 27th on the promise of safe conduct
to Allahabad by Nana (murder of all Englishmen while they were leaving the
place in boats on 27th June and murder of all English women and children,
after a short period of confinement on 15th July); its recapture by Major
General Havelock on 17th July after defeating Nana in a series of battles
(Brigadier General Neill who arrived here soon took revenge by butchering
many Indians); its occupation by the mutinous Gwalior contingent under
Tantia Tope in November 1857; and its final recovery by Sir Colin Campbell
in December, 1857 (he became the new commander-in-chief of the Indian
Army in August 1857).
Lucknow Seizur of the British Residency at Lucknow and death of Sir
Henry Lawrence on 2nd July 1857; arrival of Havelock, Outram and Neill
with reinforcements (25th September) and death of Neill; relief of the
besieged British by Sir Colin Campbell on 17th November, death of
Havelock in December, 1857, and its occupation by Tantia Tope; its final
reaccoupation by Campbell on