by Sir John Lawrence, Chief Commissioner of
important were the like mutinies at other places Mathura and Lucknow,
Bareilly and Shahjahanpur, Kanpur and Banaras, Jhansi and Allahabad, and
at many other places in north India.
Important centres and their leaders
Delhi—Bahadur Shah II (nominal Leader) and General Bakht Khan (who
was an ordinary subedar in the British army at Bareilly and who had let the
revolt of the sepoys at Delhi).
Kanpur—Nana Saheb, Rao Sahib (nephew of Nana), Tantita Tope and
Azimullan Khan (advisors of Nana).
Lucknow—Begam of Awadh (Hazarat Mahal) and Ahmadullah (advisor of
the ex-nawab of Awadh).
Jhansi—Rani Lakshmibai (widow of the ex-king of Jhansi).
Bareilly—Khan Bahadur Khan (grandson of the last ruler of Rohikhand).
Arrah—Kunwar Singh (the dispossessed zamindar of Jagdishpur in Bihar)
and Amar Singh (brother of Kunwar).
Other leaders—Maulavi Ahmadullah of Faziabad, Firuz Shah (a relative of
the Mughal Emperor).
                                Rani Lakshmi Bai