the 11th and 20th Native Infantries, and together they murdered some English
officers (including Colonel Finnis of the 11th Native Infantry) and then
marched to Delhi. Failure of General Hewitt, the C.O. of Meerut to pursue
the mutineers; arrival of the Meerut sepoys at Delhi (where not a single
European regiment was stationed at that time) on 11th May and declaration
of Bahadur Shah II as the Emperor of India; massacre of British civil and
military officers; blowing up of the Delhi magazine by Lt. Willoughbly, the
officer-in-charge of it, after defending it just for a few days, etc. where the
other initial development of outback of the Revolt.
                              Course of the Revolt
   Centre        Leader         British         Fate of        Remark
                                Officer         Leader
  Delhi       Bahadur Shah John            Deported to    Bakth died
              & Bakht          Nicholson Rangoon          fighting in U.P.
  Kanpur      Nana Saheb       Havelock Escaped to        Betrayed and
              and Tantia                   Nepal          executed in 1859
              Tope                                        in M.P.
  Lucknow Hazrat Mahal Campbell Escaped to                Death of
                                           Nepal          Lawrence, Neill
                                                          and Havelock
  Jhansi      Laxmibai         Hugh        Died           Rose regarded
                               Rose        fighting at    her as best fighter
  Bareilly    Khan             Campbell    Escaped to     —
              Bahadur                      Nepal
  Arrah       Kunwar           Taylor &    Injured &      Raja of
              Singh            Eyre        died in        Jagdishpur
                                           native place
Mutinies took place at a few places in Punjab (Naushera and Hoti Mardan),
but they were easily put down