Their resentment against British efforts to recruit unpaid tribal labour for
menial work, e.g. Revolts of Thadoe Kukis (1917–19), Koyas (1922–24), etc.
Their resentment against British efforts to suppress certain tribal traditions
and practices (infanticide, human sacrifices, etc.), e.g. Revolt of Khonds
                Tribal Movements in 19th and 20th Centuries
  Name of Area affected  Year   Leader(s)       Course of the movement and consequences
 Chuars   Nanbhum       1768  Not           Defiance of British authority by Chuars;
          and           &     available     suppression of the Revolt by the British through
          Barabhum      1832                use of force as well as conciliatory measures.
 Bhils    Khandesh      1818  Not           Beginning of revolt of Bhils with British
                        to    available     occupation of Khandesh (1818) and their
                        1848                defiance of British for 30 years; final suppression
                                            through military operations combined with
                                            conciliatory measures.
 Hos      Singhbhum     1820, Not           Occupation of Singhbhum by British and revolt
          and Chota     1822  available     of the Has (1820); its supression after extensive
          Nagpur        &                   military operations; their revolt again in 1832.
 Kolis    Sahyadri      1824, Not           Repeated revolts of Kolis and their final
          Hills         1828, available     suppression after the capture of all their leaders.
          (Gujarat and 1839
          Maharashtra) &
 Khasis   Khasi Hills   1829– Tirut Singh   Unsuccessful attempts of the Khasis to drive
          (Assam &      32    and Bar       away the British from their territory; surrender of
          Meghalaya)          Manik         all Khasi chiefs, including Triut Singh, to the
                              (Chiefs of    British in 1832.
                              & Molim
 Singphos Assam         1830– Not           Suppression of 1830 revolt by Captain Neufville;
                        39    available     murder of Colonel White (British political Agent
                                            of Assam) by Singphos in 1839 but their ultimate
                                            defeat by British.
 Kols     Chota         1831– Buddho        Suppression of the revolt after extensive military
          Nagpur        32    Bhagat        operations by British and death of Bhagat.
 Koyas    Rampa