oppression of  but under Tipu (son and
                                                    the zamindars. successor of Shah) it
                                                                   became a political
                                                                   movement against the
                                                                   oppressive zamindars
                                                                   and British; its final
                                                                   suppression by British
                                                                   after large scale military
 Kuka          Punjab            Bhagat Jawahar     Degeneration   Though it started as a
 Movement                        Mal (founder)      of Sikh        religious reform
 (for details                                       religion and   movement, it became a
 see Kuka                                           loss of Sikh   movement for the
 movement)                                          sovereignty    restoration of Sikh
                                                                   sovereignty after the
                                                                   annexation of Punjab by
                                                                   the British.
     British expeditions against Wahabi camp at Sittana:
Failure of 16 British expeditions, sent between 1850 and 1857, to destroy the
Wahabis at Sittana.
British expedition under Sir Sydney Cotton and capture of Sittana (1858).
Recovery of Sittana by the Wahabis (July, 1863), and failure of Sir Neville
Chamberlain to recapture it and crush the rebels (October, 1863).
Defeat of the Wahabis by General Warvock (November, 1863).
     State Trials and suppression of the Wahabi Movement in India:
Ambala Trial (May, 1864) and passing of the sentence of transportation for
life on Yahya Ali, Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Jaffer and many others.
Patna Trial (1865) and transportation of Ahmadullah (leader of the Wahabis
at Patna) for life.
Malda Trial (September, 1870) and transportation of Maulavi Amiruddin of
Maida for life.
Rajmahal Trial (October, 1870) and transportation of Ibrahim of Islampore
for life.
     The suppression of the movement in India led to the end of the movement
at Sittana also, for it used to receive all its supplies (men and material) from
main-land India (particularly from Patna).
Kuku Movement