Pradesh)                             the zamindar    revolt and forfeiture of
                                                   of non-         Palakonda estate to the
                                                   payment of      British.
Gumsur        Gumsur      1829- Dhananjaya         His failure to  Revolt of the zamindar;
Outbreak      (Ganjam     35    Bhanja             clear the       Appointment of Mr.
              District)         (zamindar of       arrears of      Russel as the
                                Gumsur)            revenue to the  Commissioner; final
                                                   British.        suppression of the
                                                                   movement after large
                                                                   scale military campaign
                                                                   in 1837.
Parlakimedi   Parlakimedi 1804- Jagannath          Attachment of Revolt of the zamindar,
Outbreak      (Orissa)    60    Gajapti Narayan his zamindari followed by a popular
                                Rao                for arrears by rising of the people;
                                                   the British in  final suppression of the
                                                   1827.           movement.
Movement of East Bengal   1820- Shariafullaj and Degeneration Foundation of the
the Faraizis              70    Muslim-mad         of the Islamic movement by
(In the later                   Mushin (better     society and     Shariatullah of
stages it was                   known as Dudhu loss of power Faridpur; the movement
amalgamated                     Mian)              to the British  under him was mainly
with the                                           (Hence its      religious in character,
Wahabi                                             aims were to    through the had
movement)                                          remove abuses declared British as
                                                   from Islamic    enemies; his death in
                                                   society as well 1837; succession of
                                                   as to restore   Dudhu Main as the
                                                   Muslim rule     leader of the
                                                   by expelling    Movement; under him it
                                                   the British     became mainly political
                                                   from India).    in nature; his success in
                                                                   mobilizing all the
                                                                   Muslim peasants of East
                                                                   Bengal against
                                                                   zamindars and indigo
                                                                   planters; his arreast and
                                                                   confinement in the
                                                                   Alipore jail.
Wahabi        North India 1825- Saiyad Ahamd       Degeneration Fight of the Wahabis
Movement      and Deccan  35    (Fournder of the of the Islamic against the British for
(for details                    Movement)          society and     50 long year, and their
see the Note                                       loss of power final suppression by
on Wahabi                                          to the British  British after a series of
movement)                                          (Aims—same trials in the 1860s.
                                                   as above)