transported for life).
Bundela   (Bundel-          Singh              land revenue     murder of police
Revolt    khand)                               policy           officers and disruption
                                                                of British
                                                                administration; capture
                                                                and execution of
                                                                Madhukar Shah and
                                                                Singh by British.
Gadkari   Kolhapur    1839- Not Available      Assumption of Revolt of the Gadkaris,
rebellion (Maharash-  45                       direct           followed by a popular
          tra)                                 administration revolt in the city of
                                               of Kolhapur      Kolhapur and all other
                                               by British and parts of the state of
                                               reforms of       Kolhapur; final
                                               D.K. Pandit;     suppression of the
                                               resentment of movement by the
                                               the Gadkaris     British.
                                               (a militia class
                                               who had
                                               earlier held
                                               revenue free
                                               lands in return
                                               for their
                                               services to the
                                               ruler) against
                                               the revenue
Satavandi Satavandi   1827- Phond Savant       Despolar of      Revolt of the nobles and
Revolt    (Maharash-  33    (leading (noble) Khen Savant        their attempts to drive
          tra)              and Anna Sahib (ruler of            away the British;
                            (heir apparent)    Satavandi) and transformation of the
                                               appointment      revolt into a popular
                                               of a British     movement with the
                                               officer to       common people all over
                                               administer the the state rising in arms
                                               state;           against the British;
                                               resentment of proclmation of material
                                               the people       law and suppression of
                                               against British the movement by the
                                               system of        British.
Raju      Visakhapa-  1831- Birabhadra Raju Birabhadra          Revolt of Birabhadra
Rebellion tnam (A.P.) 32                       was              and his defiance of
                                               dispossessed     British authority till he
                                               of his estate    was captured.
                                               by the British
                                               in return for a
                                               small amount