(1818),          establishment of peace
                                                     among            by granting them lands
                                                     Ramosis          and recruiting them as
                                                     (under the       hill police.
                                                     Peshwa, they
                                                     served in
                                                     inferior ranks
                                                     of police.
Revolt of     Kittur (near  1827- Channamma and Death of              Revolt of Channamma
Ramosis       Dharwar in    40    Rayappa            Shivalinga       (widow of late Desai) in
              Karnataka)                             Rudra Desai      1824 and murder of
                                                     (chief) of       English officers
                                                     Kittur (1824),   including Thackeray
                                                     leaving no       (collector of Dharwar);
                                                     male to          conquest of Kittur and
                                                     recognise the    its annexation by the
                                                     adopted issue;   British; revolt of the
                                                     refusal of the   people of Kittur under
                                                     British son as   Rayappa who declared
                                                     the Desai and    independence and set up
                                                     assumption of    the adopted boy as the
                                                     administration   Desai (1829); capture
                                                     of Kittur by     and execution of
                                                     British.         Rayappa by British, and
                                                                      death of Channamma in
                                                                      Dharwar prison.
Kittur Rising Sambalpur     1840- Surendra Sai       Frequent         Death of Maharaja Sai
              (Orissa)      41                       interference of (ruler) and outbreak of
                                                     British in the   civil war; succession of
                                                     internal affairs Mohan Kumari (widow
                                                     of Sambalpur, of the late Raja) with
                                                     such as the      the support of the
                                                     issue of         British and revolt of
                                                     succession.      other claimants under
                                                                      Surendra Sai; final
                                                                      arrest and life
                                                                      imprisonment of
                                                                      Surendra Sai by British
Sambalpur     Satara        1842 Dhar Rao Pawar Deposal and           Revolt of the people of
Outbreaks     (Maharashtra)       and Narsing        banishment of Satara under Dhar Rao
                                  Dattatreya         Pratap Singh, in 1840; their revolt
                                  Parkar             the popular      under Narsing and
                                                     ruler of Satara seizure of Badami in
                                                     by the British 1841; defeat and
                                                                      capture of Narsing by
                                                                      the British (he was