Jagabandhu         resentment of    with the help of the
                                                  the Paiks (a     Paiks, and confiscation
                                                  militia class    of his territory by the
                                                  occupying        British (1804);
                                                  rent-free lands  continuous unrest
                                                  under the        among the Paiks
                                                  zamindars)       between 1804 & 1806;
                                                  against British  rise of the Paiks under
                                                  land and land    Jagabandhu and their
                                                  revenue          occupation of Puri after
                                                  policies         defeating the British
                                                                   force (1817); final
                                                                   suppression of the
                                                                   movement by force and
                                                                   conciliatory measures
                                                                   by British.
Revolt of     Travancore 1808- Velu Thambi        Financial        Beginning of the war
Velu Thambi Cutch and    09    (Dewan of          burden           between the two sides
Revolt of Rao Kathiawar        Travancore)        imposed on       (December 1808); fall
Bharmal                                           the state by     of Trivandrum (capital
                                                  the British      of Travancore) to the
                                                  through the      British (February 1809);
                                                  subsidiary       death of Velu Thambi
                                                  system; the      in forest due to serious
                                                  high             injuries.
                                                  handedness of
                                                  the British
                                                  there; and
                                                  demand for
                                                  the removal of
Revolt of     Poona      1822- Rao Bharmal        Anti-British     Final defeat and deposal
Ramosis                  29    (ruler of Cutch) feeling due to     of Rao Bharmal;
                                                  British          imposition of
                                                  expansionist     Subsidiary Treaty on
                                                  policy and       Cutch.
                                                  interference in
                                                  internal affairs
                                                  of Cutch.
Revolt of Rao Poona      1822- Chittur Singh      British          Revolt of the Ramosis
Bharmal                  29    and Umaji          annexation of    under Chittur Singh
                                                  Peshwa’s         (1822–24); their revolt
                                                  territory        under Umaji (1822–24);