Assertion (A): The enactment of Age of Consent Act of 1891 by the British
government was opposed by Balagangadhar Tilak.
Reason (R): According to Tilak the foreign government had no right to
interfere with the religious and social customs of the Indians.
Assertion (A): The ‘Gurukul’ faction of the Arya Samaj started the Hardwar
Gurukul in 1902.
Reason (R): The ‘Gurukul’ faction was led by Swami Shraddhanand, whose
original name was Lala Munshi Ram.
Assertion (A): The Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929 was also known as
the Sharada Act.
Reason (R): It was moved in the central legislature by Rai Sahib Harbilas
Who remarked in the following way? “There is a danger of our religion
getting into the kitchen. We are neither Vedantists, most of us now, nor
Pauranics, or Tantrics. We are just “don’t touchists”. Our religion is in the
‘kitchen. Our god is in the cooking-pot, and our religion is “don’t touch me, I
am holy”. If this goes on for another century, everyone of us will be in a
lunatic asylum’.
(a) Ram Mohan Roy
(b) Debendranath Tagore
(c) Keshab Chandra San
(d) Swami Vivekananda
Who said: ‘What we see around us today is a fallen nation—a nation whose
primitive greatness lies buried in ruins’?
(a) Ram Mohan Roy
(b) Keshab Chandra Sen
(c) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
(d) Swami Vivekananda
Who remarked in the following way? ‘What shall we revive? Shall we revive
the old habits of our people when the most sacred of our castes indulged in all
the abomi- nations? The dead and the burnt once for all and the dead past can
not, therefore, be revived’ ..
(a) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(b) Gopala Krishna Gokhale