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Bengali Literature
Modern Bengali literature was largely developed and introduced by the
missionaries of Serampore and by the Fort William College. Nathaniel B.
Halhead published the Bengali grammar in 1778 and William Carey (1761–
1834) translated the Bible into Bengali in 1801. The Bengali prose thus
developed in the early 19th century was nothing more than a mixture of
Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian words.
    The first Bengali book of prose was Ramram Basu’s Raja Pratapaditya
Charita, published in 1801. The author later wrote another book Lipimala. In
1802, Batrisa Simhasana written by Mritunjaya Vidyalankar was published,
the same writer also published three other books—Hitopadesh. Rajabali.
(Vedanta chandrika) and Prabodh Chandrika.
    Raja Rammohan Roy published his first book of prose called Vedanta
Grantha in 1815. During the period 1815–1830, Rammohan Roy wrote thirty
books in Bengali. He translated some of the Upanishads and rendered the
Bhagwat Gita in Bengali verse.
    Later on, other writers like Bankim Chandra, Sharad Chandra Chatterjee,
Rabindranath Tagore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Pyarichand Mitra and
Tekchand Thakur enriched Bengali prose with their pioneering works. Since
then Bengali prose has gone through a complete course of evolution.
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